Ask Me Pay

Ask Me Pay is an innovator on the fintech market. The company uses blockchain technology to provide secure peer-to-peer cashless transactions. They’ve built a safe, usable payments system for multiple user groups, including citizens, merchants and banks.

Their Challenges

Our Solution

  1. Developing mobile apps for customers and merchants
  2. Adding new integrations and debugging
  3. Merchants should be able to collect Payments using the Platform
  4. Acquire new customers by creating flat discount Coupons, Cashbacks and Deals for redemption.
  5. Customers should be able to see Open offers and Exclusive Offers/Cashbacks/Deals.
  6. Other basic functionalities like Registration, Expense History and Account settings should also be available.
  1. Features for app users to have real time chat support with the merchants
  2. Merchant would be able to create custom in-App messages where they can send the images, Videos
  3. Enhancement in reports and dashboard
  4. Integration of Point of Sale solutions and systems
  5. End user would be able to use the AskMe wallet to get the cashback promotions
  6. Ability to maximize check with intelligent upsell and cross sell elements
  7. Online console for creating and managing each store’s trade zones, operating hours and other operational attributes
  8. Coordinated messaging across Email, SMS, MMS, Mobile App Push Notification, Smart Display Ads and Social