About The Project

As the world is witnessing a boom in EV’s and the tech surrounding it, Exicom was faced with the challenge of finding an efficient way for controlling and maintenance of batteries that would succor the process for them altogether.

Our Solution

Bellurbis proposed Battery management systems (BMS) for Exicom which are electronic control circuits that monitor and regulate the charging and discharge of batteries. The battery characteristics to be monitored include the detection of battery type, voltages, temperature, capacity, state of charge, power consumption, remaining operating time, charging cycles, etc.

The task of battery management systems is to ensure the optimal use of the residual energy present in a battery. In order to avoid loading the batteries, BMS systems protect the batteries from deep discharge, from over-voltage, which are results of extreme fast charge and extreme high balancing function, to ensure that different battery cells have the same charging and discharging requirements.

As per the requirement, a user/consumer can track all the ongoing activities in a battery like its geo-location, Current status, SoC, SoH etc. and can even disable or turn off a battery that is far away in case of a malfunction.

This gives the user the ability to manage its fleets anywhere and at any given time.

Bellurbis has designed and developed a web-based portal for the management and a mobile app to help the users be connected with their vehicle battery status and abnormalities (if any).

Bellurbis helped the business team to formulate the requirements and document  those, got the designs approved and then developed and tested the system with a Beta set of customers. Team was able to support all phases of testing, go-live and hyper  care remotely. No sev1/sev2 issues reported in hyper care.

Following components were delivered
  • Mobile Apps
  • Desktop Web App
  • Interface Services