About the project

Services Provided

  • As part of this project, team has performed the whole stack of the SDLC, including requirements elaboration, tech consulting, web application design,implementation and QA followed by further enhancement and support.
  • This platform had both web and mobile components. The platform is a marketplace which unites the Funders, NGOs, Service Providers, Beneficiary and the Need Provider. 
  • It provides statistics which shows which area needs CSR activities and the platform also provides transparency for the investors who provide funds for the Social Impact.
  • They can see which all programs are running and where their money is being used.
  1. Ideation and presentation
  2. Wireframing
  3. Colour and Branding finalisation
  4. Prototype and Mock-ups
  5. Development & Support
  6. Android Mobile app design and development


Technology Used:

PHP, Bootstrap, Html/Css, jQuery