About The Project


Senior citizens want to use technology but are unable to due to a lack of knowledge and learning. The loneliness that they feel when no one is around them physically.

They want to be in parallel with their grandkids, and understand and be connected to them but are unable to do so because of technological advancement.

Struggling for an app on their phone so that they can take care of themselves and in case of emergencies, they don’t feel alone.

Our Solution

Bellurbis designed an android app to get a clean home screen and apps for comfortable smartphone use. We provide a wide range of services that are tailored down to the very last seam to perfectly suit the needs of your elderly.

We believe that while a person’s lifestyle may change as they get older, their ability to enjoy life should not. However, the smartest features that can simplify your phone.

This app is customized for senior citizens with one-tap access to

  1. Your favorite list to make calls, a large dialpad 
  2. Access to all your contacts with large Font Size
  3. One button to take pictures or videos
  4. Set the Alarm and switch it On/Off
  5. Emergency call button to alert family members


Technology Used

Kotlin, Java, Angular, MySQL


  1. Help your elders anytime from anywhere in the world.
  2. Access all apps through a simple, clean interface.