About The Project


Today’s smartphones are complex, but many users only need a fraction of the functionalities available. The Easierphone app provides a simple, clear home screen and easy to use apps for Android phones. To solve technical problems, Easierphone can be remotely supported by a family member. Optional monitoring of well-being and emergency protocols can provide peace of mind for senior citizens and their families.

Our Solution

The Easierphone app and the the Easierphone Assistant app.

  • For senior users, Easierphone streamlines core functions of the smartphone in an easy to use interface. Any other existing android app can be added to Easierphone.
  • For family members and care takers, the Easierphone Assistant app allows remote support and data editing on Easierphone.

Key technological innovations encompass a downloadable launcher app that simplifies any Android smartphone, a seamless integration with the Android operating system, a separate app for supporters, and a backend to synchronise data.

Technology Used

Kotlin, Java, Angular, MySQL