Loops Audio

Imagine a world, where life can be filled with an assortment of sound effects next to you, just like the TV shows. There’s no need to imagine it anymore, Loops Audio is here to save the day! An app which is set to make you feel delighted with all kinds of whacky features including a soundboard and a pre-existing library of over 200+ sounds that can be tinkered with and customized as per your wish, hence creating unlimited possibilities for the user.

Their Challenge

Our client was looking for a fun filled app which would allow its users to make easy and fun audio messages which can be edited and moved individually to make a Loop. The client had a  concept and design for the app present which was later fulfilled by the Bellurbis team. The app in itself also aims to provide a new user experience to have a fresh face in the bland atmosphere of social media applications.

Our Solution

The Bellurbis team helped evolve the idea and gave inception to the Loops audio app for iOS. The app contains several features including an entire pre-built library which is customizable to the users liking. Another set of features was related to a separate creator screen which lets the user record their own audio as well as use the sound effects from the library. A “loop” is an audio recording which could be anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds, with smart indicators for different time frames in the creator screen. It’s also made easy to bookmark with an Add to favorites section.