NTT Netmagic Solutions

Their Challenge

Our Solution

The challenge for Bellurbis was to create and design the iOS & Android mobile apps for NTT so that they can streamline this traffic & their day to day to interactions with their customers through these
mobile apps.

Our solution and approach was to develop a Centralized Management System(CMS) for Netmagic which will give them the ability to manage their own Marketing content, any new services, their events and curate them through iOS & Android mobile apps. While developing the apps, we focused on having a seamless way of communication developed between NTT and their customers which was achieved by push notifications.

  • Lead generation techniques were developed in apps and linked to CMS for targeting the new users & potential customers to their platforms.
  • Our client, successfully published their “NTT Netmagic” apps to Apple store & Play store’s. Netmagic continues to provide their potential customers and existing customers a platform where they can come and engage with the services provided to them and also have their feedback and queries answered in a very convenient way through our query/feedback channel developed in the app, Through CMS.
  • Netmagic is creating more media & events and curating it through their mobile apps to attract new customers with their services and to showcase their technological advancements & innovative approaches with the world.
  • Because the system was extensively tested by our team & client, we went live with zero “S1” or “S2” defects and only 1 severity 4 defect.

Following components were delivered as part of this project

  • Android Mobile Application
  • iPhone Mobile Application
  • CMS for managing the Media and Events.