Their Challenge

Our Solution

Negotiation simulations have been used in the real world as practical training to  master the art of negotiation. Typically, there are 2 players, one pretending to be a  seller, the other a buyer. Each receives a scenario with information about the role-play.  Some of the information is common to both participants, and some is specific to each  player’s role. The goal of the game is to reach an agreement with the other player,  while getting the best possible deal.

  • Earlier professors have to set scenarios with information manually for each player’s  role. Only two students can participate at the time in the role play which was a  constraint.
  • They have to apply all the formulas manually every time they set a price for the  buyer and seller.
  • When the players reach an agreement, they were not able to visualize how well  they have optimized their performance

After analysing the whole problem Bellurbis offered a solution which included  development of mobile application both in iOS & Android as well as the backend web  application for the students of Negotiation course. The mobile application allows them  to engage in role plays (RPs) through which they can apply and learn negotiation  techniques. The app enables a user to:

  • Professor can create a role-play scenario and a random role-play simulating a  negotiation.
  • Students can invite a friend to play as well as a professor can assign their students to  whom they have played.
  • Offers Exchange: The users can exchange best offers through real time messaging.
  • Record results and access debrief – At the end of the play, students can review  their performance, the whole scenario during the play as well as they can read the best practices through the generated reports.
  • App analytics – The app’s analytic platform tracks performance indicators such as  time spent, number of sessions, average number of plays per user, etc