Improving Older People’s Lives Through Digital Technology and Practices 

Digitalization holds significant promise for societies with ageing populations as well as for older people themselves. Bellurbis helps leverage the potential of digital technologies for active and healthy ageing. 

Who do we work with?

Senior Tech Product/Platform Startups

We work round the clock with startups to provide modern products & services for healthy ageing.

Elder Care Takers

We work with Elder Care Takers to help them make seniors life easier and more comfortable.

Elderly People

Delivering the joy and well-being of seniors by connecting them with trusted community.

Senior Care Advisory and Market Research

Thorough Market Research and Identifying right solution to the problem is our strength.

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Our Partners

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What Area do we cater in?

Digital Product & Solutions

Emergency Services

Community Building

Advisory & Consulting

Our Work

Joy of life

Joy Of Life is a community for Senior citizens by Senior citizens. The vision is to make a small world of elderly people where they can overcome their fear of being lonely and help each other to make this phase of life more beautiful.

Easier Phone

An app that makes smartphone navigation easier for older people. Easier Phone features are inbuilt with super easy and effective solutions with one tap access of commonly used apps on the phones faster. It simplifies your smartphone and makes it smarter.
The Easierphone project (AAL/Call2020) is funded by the AAL Programme. 

Assistant App

Helped your loved ones in setting up their smartphones for them from any distance. Assistant can set the homescreen, add or edit the contacts, set alarms etc., for the primary user. Track your friends/family location in real time for improved safety and security.

Senior World

Bellurbis designed an engagement app for elderly people to share memories, be part of events, travel groups that are dedicated to seniors, become aware of various medical and non-medical services & enables seniors to easily stay in touch with loved ones via a social site designed with older adults in mind. An app provides content, products, services and avenues for engagement to impact the lives of our seniors and their families positively. 

Smart City App

Digital Inclusion of Senior Citizens with Satna Smart City Development Limited (SSCDL) is the development of an all-in-one, one stop platform for easy access to dedicated services for senior citizens. Our Vision was to assist Senior Citizens & make elderly people digitally active by giving them all application services at one place with an easy interface. 

Market Research

One of the biggest challenges for senior citizens is Emergency situation which can occur anytime, anywhere. While researching more about it, we saw a Centralized Emergency System is a way to get this problem solved. We are trying to achieve a point where Emergency services can be provide within a small frame of time in just one click.