Our experienced and dedicated team strives to make the work we do with clients both enjoyable and productive

Robert Huber
Innovation Alchemist

Robert oversees the organisation’s ongoing operations, procedures and formulate strategies

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Anurag Gupta

Anurag formulates business objectives, overseeing the profitability and growth of Bellurbis GmbH.

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Rohit Bansal
Chief Geek

Rohit oversees project completion, controls business processes & develops a lasting relationship with the clients.

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Ayushi Goyal
Conversation Architect

Ayushi plans, develops & executes strategies in all aspects of Bellurbis & customers company building, growth, business development & brand awareness.

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Barbara Keller
BD Ninja

Barbara develops sales opportunities by researching and identifying potential accounts.

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Scalable Team

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We live, work, and celebrate!

Bellurbis is not just a place where we work. It’s a place where we all collectively learn, thrive, and grow. Our life at Bellurbis is an amalgamation of our dedication, perseverance, learning, fun, laughter, and life-long memories that we create every day.